We offer microchipping, pregnancy scanning, semen evaluation and insemination appointments within your own home. We cover all of Cambridgeshire along with bordering counties.  

We offer a standard pregnancy ultrasound scanning service which simply confirms the pregnancy of a dog. Which is very useful if your bitch has been mated and the pregnancy is not progressing as expected. Scanning can take place any time after 25 days from the last mating, but we advise initially scanning around day 30-35 of your bitches pregnancy for optimum results. 
We carry out our scans in a stress-free home environment; be it at yours or ours and they are completely painless and cause no risk to the puppies. There is usually no need to shave any fur, large and small breeds are scanned equally as easily. Ultrasound scanning is a safe non invasive procedure that does not require your bitch to be sedated at all. A small amount of water based gel is used to ensure a clear image is produced. Some bitches prefer to stand, some lay and some sit. Every scan is different and we work around how your girl is happiest.
  • It enables the owner to identify a phantom pregnancy sooner
  • It enables the owner to plan ahead for the expected litter and their showing season
  • See if puppies are being re-absorbed. This is often one reason for lack of whelp, and owners not understanding why the bitch was pregnant at an earlier scan and then do not go on to produce a litter

Pregnancy scanning starts at £25*

I am a certified microchip implanter and am able to travel to microchip dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. I can make sure that your pet is microchiped and registered on the Petlog database, to ensure you are covered by the UK's largest lost and found pet service for microchipped pets.

All registrations are completed online at the time of implant so no need to send off any forms as the Petlog database is updated while I am with you. I offer home visits to breeders with litters of puppies and can come to your ringcraft or dog training club. Plus can travel to most dogs shows or local pet shops on request.
Microchipping starts at £6.50* 
We can artificially inseminate your dog in your own home. This can quite often be less stressful for both the bitch and stud and also prevents the chances of infections being spread and can increase the chances of a higher litters as nothing is wasted. This takes around half an hour and no need for any sedation, it a very simple procedure and you will be with your dog for the entire time. We always try to create as near to natural mating and we can artificially create a 10 or 15 minute tie to allow the semen to enter the cervix.  We will usually do two insemination's 48 hours apart. 
Why use AI?
  • An inexperienced stud dog
  • A stud dog with a physical disability.
  • AI dramatically reduces the risk of injury to either dog
  • Size incompatibility of the dog and the bitch (i.e. height).
  • An overly aggressive or dominant bitch.
  • Splitting an ejaculate between 2 bitches.

Artificial Insemination starts at £60*

Semen collected for insemination can be used fresh, or can be cooled and shipped to another location. Canine semen can also be frozen, allowing long term storage. Semen collection refers to the process of obtaining semen from male humans or other animals with the use of various methods, for the purposes of artificial insemination, or medical study (usually in fertility clinics). Semen quality or optimum fertility is not necessarily a factor of age of the dog, but on the stage of the sperm within the ejaculate quality of the semen, is more affected by factors like degree of arousal. Frequent ejaculation from daily collection can cause a reduction in sperm. Collection of semen or mating on an "every other day" allows time for replenishment of sperm.
Semen Analysis starts at £50*
*Mileage charges may apply

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